Vishal Madhani,
Senior Physiotherapist


Vishal, our senior physiotherapist has over nine years experience within the physiotherapy industry. He commenced his career in occupational physiotherapy at Honda UK Manufacturing, where he looked after a huge work force that was susceptible to repetitive injuries. During his evenings and weekends he provided Sports Physiotherapy for a football team – Wilshire FA Centre of Excellence.

Vishal then worked in varied private practices throughout central London. Being in contact with key orthopaedic consultants, he gained a wealth of knowledge on complex musculoskeletal cases. His skills were further refined when he was in charge of developing and running a Chronic Pain Programme.

For the past two and a half years he has been based on the prestigious Harley Street, in the heart of the west end. This allowed Vishal to again closely interact with orthopaedic surgeons who referred their patients for rehabilitation directly to him.

In his spare time, Vishal regularly attends the gym, carries out long distance cycling and triathlons.