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West 1 Physiotherapy provides a Muscle Imbalance Screening service in Harley Street and the W1 London area

A precise and comprehensive screening tool involving tests and observations, which have been developed at West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates. It has been designed to detect muscle imbalances within the body; by carefully analysing the way joints move through the available functional range.

When a joint is incorrectly aligned, the muscles that normally protect the joints are compromised in their performance and as a result, they weaken. This can lead to overloading and injury to muscles and joints that can cause an individual pain or impair their performance.

Recognising these muscle imbalances will avoid unnecessary stress to joints, thus reducing the likelihood of injury.

A Muscle Balance Assessment can prove to be invaluable if an individual is training for a sporting event like a marathon. It is also useful for an amateur athlete to be prescribed with an exercise programme to ensure they are training correctly. Muscle Balance Assessments are also used for work related dysfunction whether your occupation is labor intensive or sedentary.

Why have a Muscle Imbalance Screening

  • Find out specifically where you have muscle weakness, Joint stiffness or suffer from tightness that may progress into an injury.
  • Understand what to do and how to correct the discrepancies.
  • Improve your function or sport
  • Mitigate the risk of an injury
  • Improve your physical wellbeing and keep flexible