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West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic got me better following a pretty bad skiing accident. I was out of action for a couple weeks and to my surprise back skiing within 2 months
James, Media Industry
Constant headaches were driving me crazy. I couldn’t concentrate at work and stopped exercising. Painkillers were not touching the symptoms. I had a course of acupuncture and saw fantastic results. My headache was gone within a week. Fantastic!
Sarah, Office Based
Lower back pain has been the bane of my life. I lived with a constant aching back for over 10 years. I was always hesitant in seeing someone. But having a combination of physio and pilates, really did help. I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I now have control over my pain
Martha, Commercial Sales
Treatment was simple and effective. I was better within 3 sessions. Highly recommended
Brian, Property Management
Awesome treatment
Brut, Recruitment
I called the clinic in morning with a stiff neck. I was seen by lunch and walked out feeling great
Macic, HR
From start to finish there was no hassle with paper work or insurance companies. The physio and kind receptionist sorted everything out. A fabulous health clinic
Richard, Sales
They explained what was wrong with my shoulder so clearly I instantly felt in good hands. Cheers
Sandra, Publishing
I was referred by my knee surgeon after an ACL repair. Vishal didn’t only treat my knee but gave me the motivation and confidence to get back to 110% fitness. I’m now stronger then ever and back competing in MMA
Amar, Student
The best physiotherapy clinic in London by far!
Jay, Textiles
West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic fixed me!! I told my wife to go and see the physio after she had our second child, and they fixed her too. Thank you so much!
Liam and Sandra