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West 1 Physiotherapy provides a Sports Massage service in its Harley Street Clinic

These sessions are great for the active individual. Varied sports massage techniques are highly effective to create short and long term changes to the muscles, connective tissue and fascia within the body.

Restrictions in the body build up through poor movement habits, repetitive motion or demanding sports. Undoing these restrictions increases flexibility, reduces pain and promotes functional change. The stress of many office based jobs in London can have adverse affects on the body, slumped over a computer for hours can equally cause muscles to tighten and produce pain.

We often suggest that our patients come in for regular monthly or bi-monthly sports massage to relieve and most importantly prevent any niggles from progressing.

Sports massage helps with

  • Enhancing the healing process of injured and fatigued joints or muscles
  • Improve sporting or functional performance
  • Improve circulation and blood flow to affected areas
  • Increasing flexibility