Physiotherapy in Oxford Street


We all know how important it is to stay physically fit and take care of our bodies, but sometimes it’s hard to fit that into a busy lifestyle – which is why our physiotherapy service near Oxford Street is the ideal choice if you need to juggle your healthcare with a demanding job.

Our welcoming and friendly clinic in Harley Street is just a short 15-minute walk from Oxford Circus, meaning we’re the perfect choice for busy people working and living in and around the heart of London’s retail area.

Finding a physiotherapy practice that’s able to blend world-class care with an effective and professional approach that leaves you free to get back to the demands of your day as efficiently as possible can be challenging.

But our reputation for providing exceptional support for your recovery and rehabilitation is already well-established, with a wide range of private and NHS doctors and consultants choosing to refer their own patients to us to receive complementary therapy to aid their recovery.

Our expert physiotherapists are all accomplished and experienced generalists, but each of them has developed specialist skills in key areas of the physiotherapy landscape, meaning we have professional therapists who can bring specific expertise to design the right treatment programme for any given patient or issue.

Physiotherapy in Oxford Street

The team at West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates have worked in a broad spectrum of fields, from elite sport to women’s issues and post-operative care, as well as in age-onset mobility issues. Between us we’re able to offer exceptional treatment and care, whatever your stage of life or level of activity.

By using the in-depth skills and knowledge that our therapists have acquired through ongoing training and development, and harnessing that expertise with some of the most advanced technology available within physiotherapy today, we’re able to provide unrivalled care that’s at the cutting edge of physiotherapy science.

Life in London can busy, especially if you’re trying to balance work with much-needed leisure time and the ability to be able to enjoy effective and efficient physiotherapy designed to fit the needs of daily life is a key consideration for clients working in the Oxford Street area of the city.

We prioritise efficient and effective treatment that gets you back to the best possible physical health and we achieve this by working with you to identify the source of the problem you’re experiencing.

We’ll then look at the impact your lifestyle has on your physical health to design and treatment and recovery plan that helps to safeguard against further and recurrent injuries, keeping you free from chronic pain and discomfort.

At West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates we strive to offer best in class physiotherapy service for people living and working in the Oxford Street area, so whether you need to mitigate the effects of high-impact sport, need ongoing care to resolve work-related musculoskeletal issues or just want to meet the challenges that ageing brings, we’re just a phone call and a relatively short walk away.

To find out more about our physiotherapy in Oxford Street, London and the neighbouring area, get in touch and see how we can keep you moving and free from pain.

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